Our Services

Davies Property Management offers a boutique-personalized experience for investment property owners. We have a dedicated team managing all aspects of our investment rental properties. When you deal with Davies, you deal with qualified and licensed property managers. Davies is supported by a specialized team including an experienced property maintenance crew and support staff. Our employee per property ratio is low, ensuring the best possible service and outcomes for you.

Our focus is to maximise your return on investment, carefully pick the right tenants to minimize risk, actively report on your property condition, advise on maintenance areas, manage repairs/improvements cost effectively and eliminate the overheads on the property owners.

Maximise your return

Maximising return is a mixture of components, we regularly review and advise on rent increases to ensure your rent remains at market rates, with a focus on retaining tenants so that there is minimal, if any vacancies.

Choosing the right tenants

Our tenant success is impeccable and comes down to choosing the best people to call your property a home. Our background checks are based on a proven process, refined over the years. We adhere to this rigorous process for each and every tenant, minimizing any risk to you.

Minimize vacancy rates

DPM engages regularly with our tenants, ensuring we proactively renew leases or prepare in advance for their departure. If a tenant is departing, we inspect the property early so that we can get the property ready for new tenants. Our goal is to align the start date to coincide, as close to, the departure date as possible, minimizing any potential lost revenue.


Our experienced, dedicated property managers visit your property at least once or twice a year, conducting an inspection of your investment property. At these inspections we report on many factors, including how the tenants are treating the property, any proactive maintenance we believe is worthwhile along with many other points. The report is documented and saved in our files. If there are items that need to be attended to, your property manager will be in touch with suggestions and recommendations.

If requested Davies also recommends and manages, on your behalf, other certified inspections such as pest control, fire detector, boiler and heater, roof maintenance etc. We also source up to three quotes for any capital replacement work from our trusted network of tradesmen.

Eliminate landlord overheads

Other than our proactive communication and your rental income, our goal is to get to a point where you forget you own an investment property. On top of the typical property management services we can manage insurance payments, property taxes, tenant altercations, court cases, revamps etc.

If you have a specific question about property management or our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. You can reach us by visiting our website at www.daviesmanagement.com or by calling us at 1-780-484-2866.